AWS (USA) Inc. was formed in Kirkland, WA in October 2007 to meet the FAA requirements for obtaining a Parts Manufacturing Approval, under a licensing agreement from the Boeing Corporation.
Parts manufactured under this approval will be made by AWS Ltd. in the U.K. and supplied to AWS (USA) Inc. for distribution under the FIS and released to service.


AWS (USA) Inc relocated to Kent, WA in December 2008.


AWS Ltd was originally derived from part of a holding company for a group of companies participating in the fields of aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and engineering support.  Due to restructuring of the holding company AWS Ltd was formed and registered in February, 2004.


AWS Ltd is based at Manchester Airport where it supports a number of major operators.  It holds EASA Part 145 approval for aircraft maintenance, and a EASA Part 21 Sub Part G approval for production.